MERO Beach and Resort Park

The Resort is set to be unique in integrating a variety of building complexes and recreation facilities. The Master Plan includes a 160 Room 5 Star Hotel, 20 Villas, 1 Presidential Villa, 8 Restaurants, 6 Bars, 4 Swimming pools, Spa & Wellness Centre, Marina Beach Club, Marina, 3 Meeting Rooms, 204 Seat Conference Centre, Sports and Recreational Area. The Villas with their private infinity pools and spectacular views are kept private and exclusive towards the end of the property

The planning of the Project has utilized the natural terrain and lush environment to enhance the buildings and facades such as in the falling waterfall pools and fountains utilized at the hotel. Look out decks are also nestled into terrain for spectacular views and areas to dine, lounge and sun.

This project is set to enhance and revitalize the local community and tourism with all the expansiveness it has to offer.


Location Dominica
Client Client
Project Type Resort Hotel


160 Room 5 Star Hotel
20 Villas
1 Presidential Villa
8 Restaurants
6 Bars
4 Swimming pools
Spa & Wellness Centre
Fisherman's Village Beach Park