2021-2022 AWARDS

Caribbean Luxury Estate

Caribbean Property Awards Interior Design - Best Residential Interior Private Residence Cayman Islands
Private Residence, "Caribbean Luxury Estate"

The Caribbean Luxury Estate had a collective team harmonize together in creating a meditative calm throughout the property. The combination of water features, walking paths, meditation retreat, backyard oasis and a Zen Garden completes the meditative calm.

2021-2022 AWARDS


Canadian Property Awards Interior Design - Best Public Service Interior Canada
International Property Awards Interior Design - Best Public Service Interiors Americas
Public Service, "Venu Convention Center"

Revitalizing the old into a new contemporary vision. FDM Designs has captured the unique essence of this business in a way that makes a lasting impression on those who step through the door.

2021-2022 AWARDS


Canadian Property Awards Interior Design - Best Office Interior Canada
International Property Awards Interior Design - Best Office Interior Americas
Buider Sales Office, "Poetry Living"

One of the most universal signs of success and prosperity is home ownership. Although housing prices vary considerably across countries and cities, the housing markets all around the world have been booming since the outbreake of Covid.

2021-2022 AWARDS


Canadian Property Awards Interior Design - Best Office Interior Canada
Office Interior, "HBNG Head Office"

HBNG is a leading Canadian provider of independent real estate investment and management expertise. The 46,500 square foot facility is designed to improve efficiency of the associated companies under the Holborn Group.

fdm wins again “world’s best”

international award and the all americas and canada awards for 2016-2017

Private Residence, "Lake House Residence"

This luxurious weekend home was crafted to complement the natural landscape surrounding it. By meshing earthy style with innovative design, the space is an organic addition to this serene lakeside landscape.

International Interior Design Awards 2017 held in London England

FDM Designs competed against the best property professionals in the World to be awarded “Best International Design”.

Public Space, "Chateau Le Parc Event Centre"

This renowned soiree space was brought back to life with FDM Designs’ signature classic-meets-contemporary style. Bold lines, crisp colours and eye-catching accents were brought together to create this space- an idyllic backdrop for the 21st century fairytale.


“International Interior Designer 2015-2016”

Private Residence interior
"Westwood Lane Estate Residence"

International Interior Design Awards 2016 held in London England

The International Property Awards are the largest, most prestigious, and widely recognised programme throughout the globe.

Office Interior
"General Electric Global Head Quarters"
Judging focuses on design, quality service, innovation, originality, and commitment to sustainability.

2015-2016 AWARDS

Best Leisure Interior

Leisure Interior
"Eagles Nest Golf Club"


Since its establishment in 1987 under the creative direction of Flora Di Menna, this Toronto based Interior Design firm has garnered numerous awards for excellence in design for luxury residences, model homes and suites, corporate offices, and Condo amenity, sales centre and public spaces.

Flora Di Menna and her team are renowned for their lavish interior designs executed on time, and on budget. But clients also know and love them for the flawless execution of those designs, thanks to the comprehensive planning, obsessive attention to detail and wise choice of furnishings that are usually custom designed by FDM.

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Featured Project

Overlooking the marine blue waters of the Northern Lakes, this magnificent Lake House estate indulges every sense.

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Featured Project

Fusing classic style with contemporary concepts, FDM Designs captured the unique essence of this business in a way that makes a lasting impression.

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Many of FDM’s very best projects have been captured on video.

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Featured Project

Click to see what FDM Designs does with this 12,500 sq ft ‘blank canvas.’

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Featured Project

These spectacular St Lucia homes demonstrate why FDM Designs is in demand globally.

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