2021-2022 awards - Caribbean Luxury Estate

The Caribbean Luxury Estate had a collective team harmonize together in creating a meditative calm throughout the property. The combination of water features, walking paths, meditation retreat, backyard oasis and a Zen Garden completes the meditative calm.

2021-2022 awards - Venu Convention Center

Revitalizing the old into a new contemporary vision. FDM Designs has captured the unique essence of this business in a way that makes a lasting impression on those who step through the door.

2021-2022 awards - Poetry Living Builder Sales Office

One of the most universal signs of success and prosperity is home ownership. Although housing prices vary considerably across countries and cities, the housing markets all around the world have been booming since the outbreake of Covid.

Home Builders are now constructing Sales Offices using innovative software and new visual technology as demands surge and prices soar.

2021-2022 awards - HBNG Head Office

HBNG is a leading Canadian provider of independent real estate investment and management expertise. The 46,500 square foot facility is designed to improve efficiency of the associated companies under the Holborn Group.

2015-2016 awards

Flora Di Menna Designs is the WINNER
at the "International Property Awards" for the
"World's Best Interior Designer" Residential Title

This is an achievement which is recognized around the world as the highest mark of excellence competing against 61 Countries and Judged by over 70 experts around the world (Europe, Arabia, United Kingdom, Africa, Americas and Asia).

Press Release (Marketwired - 2016) — Toronto’s Flora Di Menna Designs has climbed to the top of the interior design industry after winning the Best International Interior Design Private Residence category at the 22nd annual International Property Awards in London, England.

FDM Designs competed against leading designers, architects and developers from around the globe to earn the coveted title of World’s Best, the highest accolade in the property industry, for the breathtaking 65 Westwood Lane estate in Toronto, Canada.

“Winning this award has been a lifetime in the making,” says FDM Designs president and principal designer Flora Di Menna. “It just reinforces all the hard work and the uncompromising standard of excellence that we bring to every project we take on.”

Held at the London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square, the International Property Awards is the largest, richest and most prestigious property competition on the planet. Over 2,000 companies from 100 different countries across Asia, Africa, Arabia, the Americas and Europe submitted an estimated
$30 billion (US) worth of projects for this year’s competition.

The meticulous judging process involves a panel of over 70 experts that assess every aspect of the property business. It’s not just about size and innovation, either. Judges consider all facets of modern buildings, including sustainability and eco-friendliness, when evaluating each submitted project.

FDM Designs recently won three awards during the America’s stage of the International Property Awards this fall for the General Electric Global Headquarters (Best Office Interior), Eagles Nest Golf Club (Best Leisure Interior) and the aforementioned Westwood Lane Estate Residence (Best Private Residence Interior). By winning the prestigious award at the international level, FDM Designs has not only staked its claim as the World’s Best, but has also put Canada back on the map in the interior design world.

“There are thousands of amazing designers out there, but this just proves that what’s happening in Canada can’t be ignore,” says Di Menna. “It’s an absolute honour to represent my country on the international stage and we couldn’t be more proud to receive this recognition.”


Flora Di Menna Designs: Taking Interior Design to the World Stage

Toronto Firm Flora Di Menna Designs Achieves Highly Acclaimed Americas (North, South and Central America) Award for Interior Design for (3) three projects

Flora Di Menna Designs: Taking Interior Design to the World Stage

Toronto Firm Flora Di Menna Designs Achieves Highly Acclaimed Americas & Canadian Award for Interior Design

TORONTO, Canada (Marketwired - Sept. 23, 2015)

The results of the Americas' stage of the 2015-2016 International Property Awards have been announced and Toronto firm Flora Di Menna Designs is proud to be among the winners in all three categories representing Canada.

Flora Di Menna Designs competed against a number of the region's most accomplished interior designers to receive this recognition in the categories of Private Residence Interior (Westwood Lane Estate Residence), Office Interior (General Electric Global Headquarters) and Leisure Interior (Eagles Nest Golf Club) . The level of awards it has won is five-star and it will be announced at the official gala presentation dinner at the Hilton Hotel Barbados on Friday, Oct. 23, 2015.

Flora Di Menna Designs will go to represent its region in the final stage of the competition later this year. If it has attained the highest score in the interior design category, Flora Di Menna Designs will compete against other winning companies from the regions of Asia Pacific, Africa, Arabia, the U.K. and Europe for the coveted crown of World's Best Interior Design. Flora Di Menna Designs president and principal designer said, "In some ways, I have been working toward this goal for most of my career. It's somewhat of a milestone one achieves after developing a substantial portfolio of solid, beautifully designed work. I'm truly honored to be among a class of such well-established designers."


Flora Di Menna Designs: Winning Canada's Best in All (3) Three Categories

Toronto Firm FDM Designs Achieves Highly Acclaimed Canada's Award for Interior Design for (3) three projects

Flora Di Menna Designs has long been recognized in the Industry and Internationally through the numerous Awards and Honours it has garnered. Among her clients, she’s well known for being able to deliver consistently beautiful and creative work.

Flora Di Menna - ST. CLAIR COLLEGE 2010 Alumni of Distintion.